Daphne Guinness

I don’t do event dressing, because every day is an event.
I don’t follow fashion, & I don’t read fashion magazines.
I love anything that sparkles.
My default look is a white shirt, a black jacket, shiny black leggings,
& my shoes.
I like structure…with a bit of chaos.”

Daphne-Guinness-Bryan-Adams-Zoo-Fashiontography-1imagesDaphne-Guinnessmcqfuneraldaphne_guinness514689-isabella-blow-daphne-guinness-exhibition-fashion-galore-somerset-house41621_at_amica-de_2008-09_p086_Daphne_Guinness_122_594loDaphne-Guinnessimages (2)images (3)“Fearlessness & total security with who she is as a woman creates a dazzling character.
Daphne is a true fashion original.
She is one of a kind…”


Paris Fashion Week 2013

I know it’s quite a bit late, but here are a few of my favourite looks outside of Paris Fashion Week 2013. (I had to switch all content from my last blog, so it appears to be way later than it really is. I originally published this post during PFW.)

This girl is adorable, & I want her sweatshirt. I love the font on the sleeves…would be great for a future tattoo 🙂 *making a mental note of that.
I’d also kill to have hair that long.

The young woman on the left is hella cute, but seems to be missing her pants. What I love about this photo is the young woman/model on the right. Her style is so classic downtown New York, & that is something that I will always hold dear to my heart and will always have these pieces in my wardrobe: leather jacket, converse, & skinny jeans (THANK YOU, RAMONES.)

Very rocker-chic, & I’m in love with it. It seems that blondes have an easier time pulling this off while still looking high fashion, where-as I always get called “Goth”. Oh well. The only people that have to put labels on everyone are the people that don’t “get it” to begin with.

pfw-day5-032pfw-day5-018parisfw-026parisfw-006pfw-day6-023pfw-day6-025pfw-day6-035day-3-parisfasionweek^^The tattoooooooos<3 I think ink and fashion need to be brought a little closer together. I love the Valentino ads with the sexy man hands with tattoos holding the strappy lady stiletto. And Marc Jacobs….can we just stop for a moment and think of how gorgeous he is? He should go get some new ink. I’d watch.


xo, Dee